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Aqua Mentha Per 13 200g


Aqua Mentha Per 13 200g

Pack Size: 200g
FSK18: The shipment of tobacco is only possible within Germany from 18 years. Delivery is made against age verification.
Flavor: PearMint
Shipping weight: 0,22 kg
Item weight: 0,20 kg
Content: 200,00 g

Aqua Mentha Per is now called Green Pery. Apart from the name, nothing has changed. You get the same delicious tobacco as before.

Aqua Mentha is a special tobacco that identifies itself with a slightly tart taste. Exactly this tart flavor harmonizes perfectly with the rather sweet and fruity flavors. As a tobacco line from Adalya Tobacco, you can assume a high quality with Aqua Mentha.

The manufacturer recommends smoking the tobacco with a chimney, but Aqua Mentha is suitable for many different Setups.

Flavor: A juicy and fruity pear with refreshing mint.

Size: 200g

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